I came to Ban's diving as an Advanced Open Water diver with the dream of becoming becoming a dive instructor.  I found there a community of passionate instructors that were open with their knowledge and experience.  One of the great advantages of Ban's is wide diversity of instructors who work there. They come every corner of the globe, speak a variety of languages, and each has their own approach, style and opinions about diving and everything else.  During my Divemaster course I was able to assist many different instructors and watch closely at how they solved problems, explained concepts, and shared their love of diving with their students.  This was incredibly valuable training that prepared me and gave me the confidence to successfully complete the Instructor Development Course and pass the PADI Instructor examination. I could not have wished for better Course Directors than Guillaume Fargues and Tim Hunt (now PADI Manager, Field Services).

As a new dive instructor Ban's gave me the chance to teach my first students. The team of instructors supported me and I had the chance to in turn teach new Divemasters some of the lessons I learned. This circle of teaching and giving back is incredibly rewarding. Over the years I became an IDC Staff Instructor and eventually finished my time at Ban's as a Master Instructor.  But the effect on my life was much greater than any certification.  I met my future wife while working at Ban's and she decided to become an instructor as well. This amazing series of events has now led to us managing a dive resort on a small island in Indonesia.  We are responsible for all aspects of the resort and diving. Jobs that our training at Ban's thankfully well prepared us for.

While we do not work at Ban's anymore, we miss Guillaume, Natalie, and all our friends dearly.  They gave me more than I could possibly ever give back.


Nathaniel Rawson

PADI Master Instructor

Thoughts from Our Past Students

  • I did my PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) at Ban‘s Dive school with Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues on Koh Tao. Their huge Knowledge and Experience in conducting IDC Courses made it easy to learn a lot and enjoy the very practical Lectures and Workshops. We learned a lot about Dive Theory and Practice on a very professional Level with main focus on how to teach and conduct Dive Courses on our own. During our IDC we had a lot of fun and enjoyed Read More
    Philip Weiss - PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
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