I was very much welcomed by all the resort staff, whether at reception, by the instructors, the divers in training, people in the shop and teh boat crew… and the location is splendid. (…. ) I wanted to talk about Guillaume Fargues, the Course Director who trained me for part of my Divemaster but also to become an Instructor.  It was a great experience, very interesting and rewarding. Again, I felt comfortable from the beginning and throughout the IDC. I wanted to thank him for the quality of training he taught and the shared experience, for his professionalism and his availability throughout these 8 months. He forms more than diving instructors, he gives you all the keys to success and an example to follow especially in the workplace and in everyday life.

Gregory Roufast - October 8, 2013

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

“I wanted to let you know how awesome your PADI member Natalie Hunt is.  Doing my OW Course with Natalie was the best thing ever, the whole course was perfect.  She really walked the extra mile for me and my friend, who has a reading disorder – and got extra attention. The following year I went back to Koh Tao to do a fun dive with Sunshine Divers.  As soon as I walked in the door, Natalie recognized me and greeting me with my name.  It made me feel like a member of the Sunshine family. I did my rescue course and started my DM. Natalie was my beacon of light when then things were hard, she was my mentor and I will forever be grateful. I am now returning in October to start my IDC and for me it was never any doubt who I wanted to do it with.”

Lasse Wahlquist

PADI Divemaster – 7 October 2010

Guillaume was one of my IDC Instructors during my time in Koh Tao. He will remember my girlfriend and I as being “The Question Machines” yet he always remained calm and patient with us, even though we almost always over prepared for our presentations. He has a very calming way about him and always makes you feel like there is no rush, even while fitting industrial quantities of materials in his teachings. He prepared us so well for our final IDC exams that when the time came, we were prepared for any situation and the exams seemed easy. He’s also someone I enjoy meeting outside the class to discuss diving stories and anecdotes. He truly made my IDC course pleasant nad the training was as complete as it gets.

Luc Chevalier - January 9, 2013

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

“I specifically came to Ban’s Diving Resort to participate in the PADI Master Scuba Diver Training program. The MSDT course was fun and informative. I learnt new skills along with various teaching techniques. Best part is It's not just classroom work -  Awesome diving too.” Thanks to  Nat and Guillaume for your guidance!”

Jari Armstrong – June 5, 2016

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

“My Dive Master course was well organized and structured with Natalie Hunt. Nat has not only been a big inspiration but also a big sister, helping me along the way and always making every workshop fun and entertaining!  The thing I love the most about Sunshine Divers is the amount of effort Nat puts in to bring us all together as a Sunshine family. I had an unforgettable Christmas at Sunshine where Nat went above and beyond to make it special! This followed through into my IDC at Bans where Nat gave me some really good lectures and guidance.  Natalie not only provided amazing support during the lectures and workshops, she was also on speed dial on my phone for any questions or queries I had in the evening! I can really say Natalie has played a huge role in changing my life and shaping me as a Dive Instructor, and has now inspired me to continue training and become a Staff Instructor where I look forward to learning more alongside not only a great Course Director but now a great friend!  Donald Day, staff instructor on my IDC was always very patient and helped me throughout my IDC. One of my favourite lectures was done by Don on working with children and how he conducts programs with children. I used his tips and advice for a bubblemaker course I taught last month. Don was very knowledgeable and a friendly character who put you at ease during the course. Michael Richardson, course director on my IDC, is the one that really inspired me to get more involved with Project AWARE activities. The lectures he produced were very interesting especially on the MSDT course, the deep and wreck lectures were brilliant with a lot of effort and time put into it.  I have incorporated a lot of what Michael taught me into my courses with great results! Thanks to these guys I’m now and Instructor and absolutely loving it!

Annalise Kingsley

PADI OWSI, MSDT and Staff Instructor

May 2015

“I did my IDC last June-July of 2014 at Ban’s Diving Resort with Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues as my Course Directors. First of all, I have to say that since I did my divemaster I had known them and I had seen other friends going through their IDC with them and heard nothing but good reviews, good experiences and good times; that let me no doubt but to do it with them too. And it was the right place to do my IDC, we had all the support and help from them, either in the theory, pool sessions and open water sessions.  We all were nervous for our Instructor Examination, but confident anyway given the good preparation we had.

You never know what your choices are going to lead you to, you never know how would it be if you had chosen something else, but if I go back in time, I have no wonder that I would choose the same way for my instructor course.”

Sara Fernandez

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

May 2015

Thoughts from Our Past Students

  • I did my PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) at Ban‘s Dive school with Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues on Koh Tao. Their huge Knowledge and Experience in conducting IDC Courses made it easy to learn a lot and enjoy the very practical Lectures and Workshops. We learned a lot about Dive Theory and Practice on a very professional Level with main focus on how to teach and conduct Dive Courses on our own. During our IDC we had a lot of fun and enjoyed Read More
    Philip Weiss - PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
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