I came to Ban's diving as an Advanced Open Water diver with the dream of becoming becoming a dive instructor.  I found there a community of passionate instructors that were open with their knowledge and experience.  One of the great advantages of Ban's is wide diversity of instructors who work there. They come every corner of the globe, speak a variety of languages, and each has their own approach, style and opinions about diving and everything else.  During my Divemaster course I was able to assist many different instructors and watch closely at how they solved problems, explained concepts, and shared their love of diving with their students.  This was incredibly valuable training that prepared me and gave me the confidence to successfully complete the Instructor Development Course and pass the PADI Instructor examination. I could not have wished for better Course Directors than Guillaume Fargues and Tim Hunt (now PADI Manager, Field Services).

As a new dive instructor Ban's gave me the chance to teach my first students. The team of instructors supported me and I had the chance to in turn teach new Divemasters some of the lessons I learned. This circle of teaching and giving back is incredibly rewarding. Over the years I became an IDC Staff Instructor and eventually finished my time at Ban's as a Master Instructor.  But the effect on my life was much greater than any certification.  I met my future wife while working at Ban's and she decided to become an instructor as well. This amazing series of events has now led to us managing a dive resort on a small island in Indonesia.  We are responsible for all aspects of the resort and diving. Jobs that our training at Ban's thankfully well prepared us for.

While we do not work at Ban's anymore, we miss Guillaume, Natalie, and all our friends dearly.  They gave me more than I could possibly ever give back.


Nathaniel Rawson

PADI Master Instructor

Completed CertificationHi Dear G ,Natalie & Mike
How are you all? I believe all of you are fine to enjoy your Diving there.
This is a simple greeting and a little report from Cairns,Aus.
Your eldest student eventually came back to Aus. on 18th May. and was very lucky to get a diving job at Cairns Dive Centre(CDC). So I have been happily working as an instructor since 26th of May. My current working location is Fitzroy islsnd. I commute there everyday by CDC 19 m diving  catamaran.
You guys probably know this shop, and may know Gary Hawkes as well. He is an operating manager here and gave me a "go".He seems to know all of you.
It was very lucky to study IDC with you.I would like to say "thank you" again.

Best regards,

Kazuya Nagai - June 2015

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Testimonial für Natalie Hunt und Guillaume Fargues - PADI Kurs Direktoren – Ban‘s Tauch Resort
Von Philip Weiss IDC (OWSI), MSDT & Praktikum bei Ban Diving Resort, Koh Tao, Thailand


Ich habe vor kurzem meinen PADI Instruktor Development Course (IDC) und Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) bei Ban‘s Tauchschule mit Natalie Hunt und Guillaume Fargues auf Koh Tao gemacht. Ihr immenses Wissen und Ihre Erfahrung im unterrichten von Instructor Entwicklungs Kursen (IDC) machte es leicht die sehr praxisnahen Vorträge und Workshops zu geniessen und moeglichst viel daraus mit zu nehmen. Wir lernten viel über Tauchtheorie und Praxis auf einem sehr professionellen Niveau mit Hauptaugenmerk darauf wie man selbst lehrt und Tauchkurse leitet. Während unseres IDC hatten wir eine menge Spaß und genossen die perfekt ausgewogene Mischung aus theoretischen Vortraegen und praktischer Ausbildung im Pool und Meer. Nach dem Kurs waren alle Studenten für die offizielle Instruktor Prüfung bereit, da wir viel Zeit hatten an unseren schwaechen zu arbeiten und laufend uebten was wir peroenlich noch zu verbessern hatten. Es war eine sehr intensive 2-woechige Erfahrung und danach konnte ich es kaum noch erwarten das gelernte zu verwenden und anderen Menschen das Tauchen naeher zu bringen und eigene Kurs zu unterrichten.

Team PhilipMSDT

Nach dem 2woechigen IDC nahm ich am gleich im anschluss stattfindenden 1-woechigen MSDT Kurs teil, um meine Schueler nach dem Open Water Kurs weiter auf ihrem Tauchweg begleiten zu koennen und auch AOW (Vorgeschrittene Open Water) Kurse und 9 Specialtys (unter anderem Tieftauchen, Navigation, Nachttauchen, Wracktauchen, Perfekte Tarierung, Nitroxtauchen, Fischidentifikation, Erste Hilfe, Sauerstoff-Verabreichung usw. ) unterrichten zu koennen, und meine Qualifikationen zu erweitern.


Nach dem IDC und MSDT Kurs nahm ich noch an einem sehr wertvollen 6-woechigem Internship (Praktikum) bei Ban’s Tauchschule teil, waehrend dem man Tauchkurse zusammen mit verschiedenen anderen sehr erfahrenen Seniorinstuktoren durchfuehr, und dadurch unbezahlbare Erfahrungen sammelt und seinen eigenen Unterrichtsstyl entwickelt und verbessert.

Ich kann nur jedem der darueber nachdenkt empfaehelen ihren IDC, MSDT und den Internship bei Ban’s Diving mit Nahtalie Hunt und Guillaume Fargues zu machen, und wollte meinen beiden Mentoren nochmals herzlichst danken mich durch die Kurse zu fuehren und auf meinem Weg zum Tauchinstruktor zu begleiten!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Philip Weiss



Testimonial for Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues - PADI Course Directors – Ban‘s Dive Resort

from Philip Weiss for my IDC (OWSI), MSDT & Internship at Ban Diving Resort, Koh Tao, Thailand



I did my PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) at Ban‘s Dive school with Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues on Koh Tao. Their huge Knowledge and Experience in conducting IDC Courses made it easy to learn a lot and enjoy the very practical Lectures and Workshops. We learned a lot about Dive Theory and Practice on a very professional Level with main focus on how to teach and conduct Dive Courses on our own. During our IDC we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the perfect mixture between theoretical Lectures and practical training in the Pool and the sea. After the Course all Students were ready for the official Instructor Examination, because we also had a lot of Time to work on what we had to improve personally. The 2-week Course was a very intense experience and after that I could not wait to use what I learned and to introduce others to Diving and conduct my own Dive Courses.


After the 2 week long IDC I also attended the 1 week long MSDT Course as well to accompany my Students after their Open Water Course further on their way and to be able to teach the Advanced Open Water Dive Course and 9 Specialties like Deep Diving, Navigation, Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Nitrox Diving, Fish ID, Frist Aid and the 02 Provider Course, and to extend my Qualification even further.


After the IDC and the MSDT Course I also did a very valuable 6-week long Internship at Bans Diving School, during which you conduct Dive Courses with different very experienced senior Instructors, and by that gain priceless Experience and develop and improve your own Teaching style.

I can only recommend everybody that thinks about doing their Dive Instructor Course to do the IDC, MSDT and the Internship at Ban’s Diving with Nathalie Hund Guillaume Fargues, and wanted to thank my Mentors sincerely to guide me through the Courses and accompany me on my way to become a PADI Dive Instructor!

With kind regards

Philip Weiss

I have just completed an IDC with Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues at Ban’s Diving Resort in Koh Tao in Thailand. I’m writing you because I would like to give them recognition for their outstanding work. I have staffed the February 2014 IDC with Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues and I’m blown away. The care, love, compassion and trust that Natalie and Guillaume give their students and staff instructors is much more than anybody could expect and ask for. I have assisted other IDCs and worked with other instructors around the world however now I know how I would like to continue to teach. I’m truly inspired, Natalie and Guillaume have given me more than I ever hoped for and I can’t thank them enough for the trust, mentoring, compassion, nurturing feedback and guidance they have given me throughout this course.


Kathleen Togeskov - February 26, 2014

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

What's the most I want to show is my highest appreciation to our CD Natalie and Guillaume, and MI Li Zhou. Without their professionalism and patience we cannot pass the IE such easily and confidently.

Natalie is always full of enthusiasm and patience. It seems like she can never get tired. Actually I know she did after finishing daily teaching in those two weeks. She encouraged me to do IDC and IE in English. And I successfully completed it in three weeks. (Thanks Nat!)  These are relatively small points when set against her expertise on being a course director of PADI. She shared with us lots of professional knowledge of diving and the method of teaching beginners. She even introduced us how to run a dive shop lol.

Guillaume is very kind teacher to us. We had an elder classmate who was a little bit weird. That guy had lots of questions always. G would like to explain everything to him and teach him how to do it more properly. During the IDC and MSDT Guillaume was playing a role of avuncular mentor.

Li Zhou, who was an essential assistant on our IDC and MSDT course is a great laugh maker, friend, scholar and role model. He took great responsibility of translation to IDC candidate who spoke little English. Meanwhile in order to make sure that everyone could understand it, Li Zhou interpreted and explained the knowledge and skills again and again. He provided an extremely lucid expounding. Li Zhou is pretty humorous as well. We all love his jokes every time lol.

All we've learned from Nat, G and Li will be helpful in our future career of diving. I also would like to share diving things with others no matter beginners or senior divers. And now I am so excited about my further diving life.


Kelly Yang

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

August 2016





“I want to show you my appreciation to Natalie Hunt from Sunshine divers at Koh Tao, Thailand who was my IDC and MSDT instructor at Ban’s Diving Resort and did a really amazing Job!  Her enthusiasm, professional attitude and patience reflected on us, her students.  All I’ve learned during the courses seemed usable during my time interning at Ban’s.”

Bart Konings – May 15, 2014

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Thoughts from Our Past Students

  • I did my PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) at Ban‘s Dive school with Natalie Hunt and Guillaume Fargues on Koh Tao. Their huge Knowledge and Experience in conducting IDC Courses made it easy to learn a lot and enjoy the very practical Lectures and Workshops. We learned a lot about Dive Theory and Practice on a very professional Level with main focus on how to teach and conduct Dive Courses on our own. During our IDC we had a lot of fun and enjoyed Read More
    Philip Weiss - PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
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